SeñorSábado Noche and Mari Juana at Friday Night Fights

Watch Eddie Diamond, also know as SeñorSábado Noche, and myself, Mari Juana,  in this five way Luchador match. There’s another Friday Night Fight coming up in June. This is the hottest up and coming wrestling show. Some fans reported that they thought it was even better than WWE! Don’t miss out! Follow Round Peg Promotions on Twitter for updates!

Fun Hooping with Light Up Shoes

I can’t afford a new hoop right now, but I got some light up shoes to spice up my hooping 😉 I’ve decided to give the 30/30 challenge a try again this year with the intention of developing a hooping program for a Pagan Festival this summer. We’ll see what I come up with. Today, I just enjoyed my shoes 🙂

What Does 2015 Hold for You?

Let me help you illuminate your path for 2015!

Let me help you illuminate your path for 2015!

On the flip side of my life, I’m a professional Tarot reader. My readings help my clients gain insight into what is working for and against them in their own lives. From now until January 1, I’m running a half price sale on Tarot readings. Go here to see how I can illuminate your future!

Mary Jane (that’s me!) on the Chris Silvio Show

Check me out on the Chris Silvio show! You’ll find out how I got involved with wrestling, hear some wacky stories like the time I was put on witch trial, Tarot reading and have some good old fashioned fun. Crack open a beer, and hide your kids because this show isn’t for children … in fact … nothing I do is … lol

Chris Silvio Show

The Glamorous Life

This week I was the guest on the first episode of First and Foremost as well as the Chris Silvio Show! I had both interviews on the same day plus OVW TV taping, which was fun. I talked about all the awesome artists out there on the internet that inspire me. Art encourages us to take control and create the world we want to live in. I talked about all the kinds of art that inspire me — Wrestling, visual artists, fashion designers, actors, magicians, people who practice divination (is there a word for that???), dancers (all kinds), musicians and writers.  So if you like art, tune in and you’ll get an earful!

I’ll post the links to the Podcasts when they go up, but for now, stay tuned 😉


Your Favorite Anti-Celebrity is at it Again

Just did a photo shoot with Chris Silvio. We got some great pics and they will be available for purchase soon! Then this week I’m being featured on the Chris Silvio Show and also on my friend, Wade’s Podcast! Not to mention there’s OVW TV taping on Wednesday! Stay tuned 😉