Out of Control Abudance

Out of Control Abundance

Things have been on nonstop lately and every new day is bringing another amazing development in my journey towards getting to Bali for Sacred Circularities. I’ve raised $310 on my gofundme from so many wonderful family and friends contributing over the past 3 days. It’s a far cry from the projected $2500 I need but I have confidence that I will be provided with how much I need. Whenever I read the good luck wishes my friends and family have written to me, it warms my heart and even makes me a little teary eyed. I am truly blessed.  Now I have to figure out how to return the blessings.

Last night I bought my plane ticket and it so happened that there was a flight that had a 17 hour layover in Japan. I was praying for 24 hours in Japan but 17 hours is a night out in Tokyo. I just miss Japan with all my soul and I’ve been needing a trip back. I reconnected with a really good friend and we’re making plans to get some of my other solid friends together for a night out in Tokyo. I am SUPER EXCITED. Japan is my spiritual home and I can’t wait to be there again. Another call to the Universe answered.

Everything in my life is going beautifully right now but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I feel like these blessings are unreal and I’m  in disbelief that all of this is happening to me. I have the perfect job, blogging about hooping while traveling. What a dream come true!

Picture by Bellawillow Photography

Picture by Bellawillow Photography


Hooping Challenge Day 17: Hoopla Mandala

Two of my fellow hooper friends, Amanada and Sara (who are also my favorite photographers to work with) and I have started honoring the Sabbats together. Yesterday we incorporated hooping into Ostara, the celebration of the Spring Equinox and all the potential the fertile god and goddess bring. We went out to the farm that my friend, Sara, and her boyfriend recently bought. They’re fixing up the house, cutting trails and getting ready to start an organic farm. On Yule, the Winter Solstice, we put our intentions in for what we want to manifest in our lives this year and we’ve been using the Sabbats to check in and feed energy to our intentions. So far, we’ve had a lot of success.

We had decided that we were going to make a crystal mandala for meditation. We used my LED hoop to illuminate the perimeter of the mandala and filled it in with crystals. We didn’t cast a circle because I’m the only one who does high magic in the group but  I did make sure all the elements were present. We sat around the Mandala and talked about our progress and put our intentions in for where we want to be in our lives by Beltane in six weeks. After that, we meditated on all we were thankful for.

Hoopla Mandala

Then it was hooping time! We got our LED hoops and ran out into the middle of the field and hooped under the stars. We joked that the neighbors may think that we were spaceships (and try to shoot us, since we were way out in the country, lol).  Sara got her camera out and took some amazing photographs of the LED hoops. Here are just a few of the pictures. If you like these pictures, please go to Bellawillow Photography and like Sara and Amanda’s page.  They are both awesome photographers and I love working with them.

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We had a great Ostara and it was a lot of fun making hooping a part of it!

Hooping Challenge Day 16

Yesterday was one of those nice, warm, sunshiny days that indicates that Spring is creeping in.  I took my LED hoops outside yesterday evening and hooped under the stars. It was so nice to be able to get a good spin in outside. Old man winter will be back over the next few days and I’ll have to go back inside until t warms up again but gradually, he’s releasing his grip and hooping season will be in full swing.

I’ve been working on becoming a more graceful hooper by pointing my toes and adapting more graceful hand and arm positions. I always think about what my teacher and friend, Coco Ayumi, said when I was taking dance lessons from her. One of her specialties is Bollywood and traditional Indian dance and she said that in Indian dance, every move is choreographed right down to the way you move your eyes. I’m not going that deep into refining my dancing, but it does say something about giving serious consideration to how you move your fingers and toes.

Today I’m going to celebrate Ostara with some friends. We’re going to do some hooping at my friend’s farm so that should be fun 🙂 We’re also going to do a little bit mandala meditation and I’m going to focus on manifesting the position to blog in Bali. I think going to Sacred Circularities is just what I need to really get back in touch with my hooping spirit.

Happy spring, everyone!

Hooping Challenge Day 15: A New Direction

Well, since I’m in the running, I guess I’ll let the cat out of the bag. Instead of hooping last night for my Hooping Challenge commitment, I applied for a position blogging for Sacred Circularities in Bali from April 19- April 26. I admit, I’ve been working on manifesting a way to get there for the past couple of months. I’ve wanted to go for the past two years and I just haven’t had the money. I put my intention out to the universe and said, “Please find a way to take me to this retreat because I feel really drawn to go this year.”

I saw the blogging position by chance on Facebook and sat down to make a video submission for the position. I find that when applying for something I really want, a video is a good way to go. My videos aren’t high tech, but they’re honest and they give the people looking at my applications a sense of who I am. Here is my submission.

I turned in my entry last night and had a dream of green shoots of flowers pushing up through the dirt last night. This morning I had a message in my inbox asking me to confirm if I will be able to come or not to proceed forward in the selection process. I am going to try to approach several different publications to see if they will foot the bill for the trip and hopefully go for free. Fingers crossed that I can pitch a good enough proposal to get a nice advance.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to be in the running for this. I’ve also offered to teach a Tarot basics class because I’m close to being a Biddy Tarot certified Tarot reader, which is also exciting.  If you haven’t yet, check out my Tarot and Spirituality Blog here!

So Happy Ostara, everyone! Things are changing, beginning, growing and changing!

My friend, Laurel, head of Blue Moon Cirucs, asked me to color her drawing for the Blue Moon Circus flyer. I love how it turned out

My friend, Laurel, head of Blue Moon Cirucs, asked me to color her drawing for the Blue Moon Circus flyer. I love how it turned out

Back on Track

We’re almost at the halfway point of the Hooping Challenge and I have to admit that I fell off the horse last week. All of a sudden I got really stressed out and busy  so I put my energy into other areas of my life. We’ve also had yo-yoing temperatures so after hooping outside for a few days, I was forced back inside and I felt restricted when I tried to hoop in the house again. Luckily it warmed up  just in time for the festival I went to on  Saturday.  It was really nice being out in the country with like minded people listening to music and jamming on my hoop. So Saturday/Sunday, I made up for the time I lost last week  and my weekend hooping was covered.

Raft hooping at the festival.

Last night I hooped for 30 minutes at home. We had a cold snap again on Sunday complete with snow and ice so I had to do more living room hooping. I started practicing around 10 so I couldn’t get too crazy with practicing because I didn’t want to bother my downstairs neighbor with my creaky floor.  I pretty much just practiced staying in flow with one hoop and two hoops.

My fellow accountability partners and myself recommitted ourselves to the challenge again yesterday because many of us felt like we were slacking. We’re trying to get over the challenge hump right now, half way between the beginning and end,  so hopefully, I’ll get by with a little help from my friends 🙂

Beatles Hoop

I get by with a little help from my friends. (Photo from Hoop O’Clock https://www.facebook.com/hoopoclock)

30/30 Challenge Days 5 and 6

Oh wow, look guys! It’s almost been a week. Are you getting stronger? Have you improved your flow and your endurance. I can say yes to all of these. I feel my muscles tightening up and my good, solid flows are getting longer and easier.

I only hooped for 20 minutes yesterday so I didn’t fully meet the challenge. I think the sushi I ate for dinner wasn’t very fresh which caused me to feel all kinds of spinning in my stomach when I spun my hoop. I hooped as long as I could take it and then crawled into bed for the night.

Today was a lot better! This has been the 2nd day this year that I hooped outside. It was refreshing to have space and not have to worry about bumping into walls and random shit in the house. Spark Girl challenged me to start using 3 hoops after my twin hoop video so I dug out an old polypro to use as my 3rd hoop, threw on some psytrance and got to work. I can keep 3 hoops going on my body and played with off the body shapes. I was really proud of myself.

And the journey continues …

30/30 Challenge Day 4

SparkGirl asked for a video so here it is! I thought this double hoop flow was good enough to post. I keep saying I’m going to do three hoops but I never get around to putting in the time to learn three. I am not topless, FYI. I’m wearing a pink shirt!   The less clothes I’m wearing while I hoop, the better, so excuse my half nakedness if you’re easily offended by bodies.

If you’re doing the hooping challenge, I’m taking submissions so please send me your videos, reflections, playlists, tricks you want to learn, etc. and I’ll post it on my page. Happy hooping! challenge

Days 2 and 3 Hooping Challenge

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy so I didn’t have a chance to blog about my my hooping challenge but ironically, my busy schedule is the driving force behind the challenge. Between an intensive tarot class (you can learn all about that over on here), working doubles at my job, applying for a grad program and writing a novel, studying mysticism and mediation, my schedule is really packed. But most of those activities involve the mind and spirit and not my body. It was time to pull my body into it.

An object at rest stays at rest is what I found out. I started writing a novel last summer and I got kind of lazy. I stopped feeling as spunky and playful and youthful as I felt when I was hooping all the time.  So I decided to make the hoop challenge main focus getting back in shape and getting movement back into my life.

I always find foot hooping to be one of those tricks that looks cool but the transition from standing to laying down to standing again can be awkward. It’s funny because I saw all kinds of cobwebs on the ceiling that I wasn’t even aware were there when I was laying on the floor foot hooping.


So practice foot hooping if you want to see how dirty your house really is. lol.

As always, the four years and counting battle with leg hooping continues. Honestly, I use a 33″ in and I think that may be part of the problem.

The fun tricks I’m working on involve playing with gravity and physics to see how I can make the hoop appear as if it’s “floating” without using my hands. I’m also into seeing how I can make it slide around my body as I step through it without using my hands. The illusion tricks are the ones I’m liking the most.

Today was a day that I wanted to make a video that was worth posting. I started hooping almost 4 years ago to the date and I wanted to show how far I’ve come. But I couldn’t catch that perfect video. There were parts that were good of all of them but I would fuck up or run into the counter because tiny space hooping is like that– lots of knocking into things because you have absolutely no room.

What I really need to do is can the performer attitude and just have fun. It’s been over six months since I was on a stage and I have felt so liberated since I stopped performing because I have the freedom to make mistakes. I need to value that for what it’s worth. Between yesterday, when I was just hooping for fun, and today, when I was hooping for a camera, I had way more fun yesterday.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!

40 Day Hoop Challenge

Well, it’s the beginning of Lent and I’ve given up being lazy with hooping. I saw SparkGirl’s (http://hiptronichoops.tumblr.com/) post on Tumblr about taking the 30/30 hoop challenge (hoop for thirty minutes every day for thirty days) and I decided to jump on board. I decided, however, to go for 40 days since everyone seems to be giving something up for Lent and although I’m not a practicing Catholic, it only seemed appropriate.

My goal for doing the challenge is to get ready for hooping season, get myself back in shape, push my endurance and learn some new tricks.

Tonight I hooped in my tiny kitchen while I was cooking dinner (knocked out two things at once. Haha!). I don’t know why, but I love hooping in small spaces. Maybe it’s because I learned how to hoop in Japan, the world capital of small spaces. I love how small spaces challenge me as a hooper. They force me to really pay attention to my movements and encourage awareness of muscle control.

I put my music on Random and this turned out to be my Playlist. Things got pretty old skool. I usually hoop to EDM so the heavy rock songs were a pleasant challenge.

  1. Amamania- Truth (Slow but good for a warmup, graceful flow)
  2. Depech Mode- Enjoy the Silence (More slow hooping)
  3. Smashing Pumpkins– The Aeroplane Flies High, Turns Left, Looks Right (This one was really interesting. I had a great flow going to this one. I may come back and try to do a video later).
  4. Blood Brothers– The Salesman Denver Max

I was able to pick up a few very subtle, new tricks so that was great. I also noticed that from years of dropping the hoop while hooping on my legs, I’ve developed a sort of Native American based hoop dance technique of kicking the hoop up after it slides all the way down my knees. It’s actually becoming part of my style and I’m getting to the point where I can really play around with manipulating the hoop when I feel it slip.

All and all,  a good first go!