All About Delightfully Decadent D’arcy Decadence


D’arcy Decadence (formerly known as AlannaLP) is an internationally established flow artist specializing in fire, burlesque and LED performances. D’arcy has been traveling around the world since 2006 training in flow arts with internationally recognized masters and providing quality flow art performances on the global stage. She lived and performed in Japan for 3 years training with such global talents as Yuta Poi of and  Deane Love and Tink in Tokyo of Hoop Lovers.

If you would like to book D’arcy for a show, please contact her via e-mail alannalp (at) gmail (dot) com


Twitter: AlannaLP

YouTube: AlannaLP

Instagram: AlannaLP

Soundcloud: AlannaLP

Tumblr: AlannaLP

Also, if you’re interested in finding out more about my Tarot Business, please visit my Tarot blog!


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