Friday Night Fights

Eddie Diamond and I dancing at Friday Night Fights. Don’t miss the next one!  




What Does 2015 Hold for You?

Let me help you illuminate your path for 2015!

Let me help you illuminate your path for 2015!

On the flip side of my life, I’m a professional Tarot reader. My readings help my clients gain insight into what is working for and against them in their own lives. From now until January 1, I’m running a half price sale on Tarot readings. Go here to see how I can illuminate your future!

The Glamorous Life

This week I was the guest on the first episode of First and Foremost as well as the Chris Silvio Show! I had both interviews on the same day plus OVW TV taping, which was fun. I talked about all the awesome artists out there on the internet that inspire me. Art encourages us to take control and create the world we want to live in. I talked about all the kinds of art that inspire me — Wrestling, visual artists, fashion designers, actors, magicians, people who practice divination (is there a word for that???), dancers (all kinds), musicians and writers.  So if you like art, tune in and you’ll get an earful!

I’ll post the links to the Podcasts when they go up, but for now, stay tuned 😉


Your Favorite Anti-Celebrity is at it Again

Just did a photo shoot with Chris Silvio. We got some great pics and they will be available for purchase soon! Then this week I’m being featured on the Chris Silvio Show and also on my friend, Wade’s Podcast! Not to mention there’s OVW TV taping on Wednesday! Stay tuned 😉

Back on the Air!

After taking a year and a half off from performing to focus on writing, Mary Jane is back in action with Chris Silvio, the Psychedelic Superstar at Ohio Valley Wrestling! It was a tough decision to get back in the ring but after a lot of meditation, I decided to return to OVW.

It was the right decision.Chris Silvio and I have an incredible dynamic in the ring and it’s always an honor working with him and the other wrestlers.

Recently a pilot for a reality TV show for Country Music Television at OVW. We are waiting to hear if the show will be picked up so I may be dancing on national television, which is a really crazy thing to think about.

mary jane what now

You can catch us every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM at Davis Area 4400 Sherdsville Rd in Louisville, KY.

I currently have no plans for any solo performances but I do have my hands in a lot of other exciting projects. More news as it develops …

Out of Control Abudance

Out of Control Abundance

Things have been on nonstop lately and every new day is bringing another amazing development in my journey towards getting to Bali for Sacred Circularities. I’ve raised $310 on my gofundme from so many wonderful family and friends contributing over the past 3 days. It’s a far cry from the projected $2500 I need but I have confidence that I will be provided with how much I need. Whenever I read the good luck wishes my friends and family have written to me, it warms my heart and even makes me a little teary eyed. I am truly blessed.  Now I have to figure out how to return the blessings.

Last night I bought my plane ticket and it so happened that there was a flight that had a 17 hour layover in Japan. I was praying for 24 hours in Japan but 17 hours is a night out in Tokyo. I just miss Japan with all my soul and I’ve been needing a trip back. I reconnected with a really good friend and we’re making plans to get some of my other solid friends together for a night out in Tokyo. I am SUPER EXCITED. Japan is my spiritual home and I can’t wait to be there again. Another call to the Universe answered.

Everything in my life is going beautifully right now but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I feel like these blessings are unreal and I’m  in disbelief that all of this is happening to me. I have the perfect job, blogging about hooping while traveling. What a dream come true!

Picture by Bellawillow Photography

Picture by Bellawillow Photography