Are Y’all Ready for This? : Resume



  • Seasoned fire performer with seven years of international performing experience including but not limited to fire poi, fire fans, fire hoop, palm torches, fire transfers and fire eating.
  • Dazzling LED hoops (single and double) and poi entertainer
  • An imaginative costume designer with experience in working in Japanese street and underground fashion.
  • A veteran model who knows how to strike the right pose to make your event look like the time of your life.
  • An independent video producer and web blogger who can reach a global audience due to a large global network of entertainers and artist she knows personally from travels.

Entertainment Skills

  • 7 flow arts and fire performing experience including international training in Japan.
  • Flow art skills in poi, hoop, hoops, fans, flags, palm torches, orb
  • LED alternatives offered with poi, hoops and twin hoops.
  • Fire eating and fire transfers

Entertainment Experience

Sacred Cirularities Official Blogger

Bali, Indonesia. Spring 2014

  • Attended and reviewed workshops
  • Discussed my own personal experience at Sacred Circularities

 Ohio Valley Wrestling Television Valet

Louisville, KY June 2014- present; January 2012-October 2012

  • The world’s first hula hooping hippie valet/manager
  • Featured on pro wrestling blogs and websites
  • Interacted with fans at intermission and before the show

Mavens of Mischief Vintage Burlesque Troupe

Hula Hooper and Fire Performer

Louisville, KY June 2012-June 2013

  • A member of Meat Bar, ranked #39 on the World’s 50 Best Bars, Burlesque Troupe
  • Performs one of a kind hula hoop stripteases
  • Educated on music and costume from the 1920’s-1950’s

Forecastle Music Festival Entertainer

July 13, 2012- July 15, 2012

  • Entertained guests arriving at the entrance with hoop dance and flag twirling

Featured Cover Photo on

January 2012

  • Appeared on the front page of photo gallery section for most of 2012
  • Steam punk meets poly pro hooping photoshoot

Cirque Airotic

Louisville, KY June 2011-October 2011

  • Hula Hooper and fire performer for Louisville’ premier circus arts group
  • Costume design and choreography

Tokyo Hoop Lounge Performance “You’ll Never Be Mine”

Tokyo, Japan March 9, 2011

  • Debuted original hoop rap at Japan’s number one hoop performance venue

Hoop Lovers

Tokyo, Japan March 2010-March 2011

  • Member of Tokyo’s most influential internationally recognized hula hoop group known for its World Hoop Day Choreography and Hoop Lounge event

ひかり祭り Hikari Matsuri

Japan August 6, 2010- August 8, 2010

  • Japan’s number one arts and music festival featuring all the top performers in the Japanese hippie/psychedelic underground.
  • Took all stage directions in Japanese and performed a total of 5 shows with Yurui Band and other Japanese dancers

Yurui Band

Tokyo, Japan May 2010-March 2011

  • Hula Hooper and fire performer for the very popular jam band and performance group, Yurui
  • Used Japanese ability to communicate and plan shows and performances
  • Collaborated with dancers on costume design

渚 音楽祭・春 東京 Nagisa Music Festival

Tokyo, Japan Spring 2010

  • Freestyle fire and non fire flow arts show performer with Shinjuku Zatsugidan.
  • Flow arts product model for GREEN juggling company

Dance of Shiva

Japan May 21, 2010- May 23, 2010

  • Freestyle fire show performer with Shinjuku Zatsugidan.

Japan Fire Festival

Japan, September 19, 2010- September 22, 2010

  • Erotic Fire Garden Competition Participant with choreography by world renowned belly dancer and fire performer Coco Aiyumi.

Shinjuku Zatsugidan

Tokyo, Japan February 2009- March 2011

  • Trained in fire arts with some of the world’s top fire performers
  • Studied Japanese style fire spinning and combined it with American rave dancing to create a unique dance style.

Midwest Burning Man Decompression

Michigan Fall 2008

  • Fire performer with Chi Fire.
  • Help in creating the flow arts camp

Chicago Freak Easy

Chicago Fall 2008

  • Fire performer.

Founder of Ace of Spades Productions (now Firestorm)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates September 2007-December 2007

  • Founder of one of Dubai’s first fire performer groups
  • Resident fire performer group at Chi Night Club via Virgin Records



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