Fun Hooping with Light Up Shoes

I can’t afford a new hoop right now, but I got some light up shoes to spice up my hooping 😉 I’ve decided to give the 30/30 challenge a try again this year with the intention of developing a hooping program for a Pagan Festival this summer. We’ll see what I come up with. Today, I just enjoyed my shoes 🙂


Mary Jane (that’s me!) on the Chris Silvio Show

Check me out on the Chris Silvio show! You’ll find out how I got involved with wrestling, hear some wacky stories like the time I was put on witch trial, Tarot reading and have some good old fashioned fun. Crack open a beer, and hide your kids because this show isn’t for children … in fact … nothing I do is … lol

Chris Silvio Show

The Glamorous Life

This week I was the guest on the first episode of First and Foremost as well as the Chris Silvio Show! I had both interviews on the same day plus OVW TV taping, which was fun. I talked about all the awesome artists out there on the internet that inspire me. Art encourages us to take control and create the world we want to live in. I talked about all the kinds of art that inspire me — Wrestling, visual artists, fashion designers, actors, magicians, people who practice divination (is there a word for that???), dancers (all kinds), musicians and writers.  So if you like art, tune in and you’ll get an earful!

I’ll post the links to the Podcasts when they go up, but for now, stay tuned 😉


Bali in 2 Weeks!

My trip to Bali in just 2 weeks away! I’m getting so excited! My mom gifted yoga classes to me to help me condition for retreat. It’s going to be intense. I’m sore today from my first yoga class, but in a good way.

I’m focusing on becoming a more graceful hooper while I practice. I’m still doing the 30/30 Challenge but I must admit, I’ve lost a little steam. I’ve missed several days because preparing for Bali is just taking so much energy! I picked up extra hours at work so I’m feeling the grind!

I got together with Blue Moon Circus over the weekend and they helped me make a video for my GoFundMe. I need help with paying for my plane ticket to Bali and any contribution is appreciated! Here’s our video! It’s funny and silly.

That’s all for now!


30/30 Challenge Days 5 and 6

Oh wow, look guys! It’s almost been a week. Are you getting stronger? Have you improved your flow and your endurance. I can say yes to all of these. I feel my muscles tightening up and my good, solid flows are getting longer and easier.

I only hooped for 20 minutes yesterday so I didn’t fully meet the challenge. I think the sushi I ate for dinner wasn’t very fresh which caused me to feel all kinds of spinning in my stomach when I spun my hoop. I hooped as long as I could take it and then crawled into bed for the night.

Today was a lot better! This has been the 2nd day this year that I hooped outside. It was refreshing to have space and not have to worry about bumping into walls and random shit in the house. Spark Girl challenged me to start using 3 hoops after my twin hoop video so I dug out an old polypro to use as my 3rd hoop, threw on some psytrance and got to work. I can keep 3 hoops going on my body and played with off the body shapes. I was really proud of myself.

And the journey continues …

30/30 Challenge Day 4

SparkGirl asked for a video so here it is! I thought this double hoop flow was good enough to post. I keep saying I’m going to do three hoops but I never get around to putting in the time to learn three. I am not topless, FYI. I’m wearing a pink shirt!   The less clothes I’m wearing while I hoop, the better, so excuse my half nakedness if you’re easily offended by bodies.

If you’re doing the hooping challenge, I’m taking submissions so please send me your videos, reflections, playlists, tricks you want to learn, etc. and I’ll post it on my page. Happy hooping! challenge

Days 2 and 3 Hooping Challenge

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy so I didn’t have a chance to blog about my my hooping challenge but ironically, my busy schedule is the driving force behind the challenge. Between an intensive tarot class (you can learn all about that over on here), working doubles at my job, applying for a grad program and writing a novel, studying mysticism and mediation, my schedule is really packed. But most of those activities involve the mind and spirit and not my body. It was time to pull my body into it.

An object at rest stays at rest is what I found out. I started writing a novel last summer and I got kind of lazy. I stopped feeling as spunky and playful and youthful as I felt when I was hooping all the time.  So I decided to make the hoop challenge main focus getting back in shape and getting movement back into my life.

I always find foot hooping to be one of those tricks that looks cool but the transition from standing to laying down to standing again can be awkward. It’s funny because I saw all kinds of cobwebs on the ceiling that I wasn’t even aware were there when I was laying on the floor foot hooping.


So practice foot hooping if you want to see how dirty your house really is. lol.

As always, the four years and counting battle with leg hooping continues. Honestly, I use a 33″ in and I think that may be part of the problem.

The fun tricks I’m working on involve playing with gravity and physics to see how I can make the hoop appear as if it’s “floating” without using my hands. I’m also into seeing how I can make it slide around my body as I step through it without using my hands. The illusion tricks are the ones I’m liking the most.

Today was a day that I wanted to make a video that was worth posting. I started hooping almost 4 years ago to the date and I wanted to show how far I’ve come. But I couldn’t catch that perfect video. There were parts that were good of all of them but I would fuck up or run into the counter because tiny space hooping is like that– lots of knocking into things because you have absolutely no room.

What I really need to do is can the performer attitude and just have fun. It’s been over six months since I was on a stage and I have felt so liberated since I stopped performing because I have the freedom to make mistakes. I need to value that for what it’s worth. Between yesterday, when I was just hooping for fun, and today, when I was hooping for a camera, I had way more fun yesterday.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!

40 Day Hoop Challenge

Well, it’s the beginning of Lent and I’ve given up being lazy with hooping. I saw SparkGirl’s ( post on Tumblr about taking the 30/30 hoop challenge (hoop for thirty minutes every day for thirty days) and I decided to jump on board. I decided, however, to go for 40 days since everyone seems to be giving something up for Lent and although I’m not a practicing Catholic, it only seemed appropriate.

My goal for doing the challenge is to get ready for hooping season, get myself back in shape, push my endurance and learn some new tricks.

Tonight I hooped in my tiny kitchen while I was cooking dinner (knocked out two things at once. Haha!). I don’t know why, but I love hooping in small spaces. Maybe it’s because I learned how to hoop in Japan, the world capital of small spaces. I love how small spaces challenge me as a hooper. They force me to really pay attention to my movements and encourage awareness of muscle control.

I put my music on Random and this turned out to be my Playlist. Things got pretty old skool. I usually hoop to EDM so the heavy rock songs were a pleasant challenge.

  1. Amamania- Truth (Slow but good for a warmup, graceful flow)
  2. Depech Mode- Enjoy the Silence (More slow hooping)
  3. Smashing Pumpkins– The Aeroplane Flies High, Turns Left, Looks Right (This one was really interesting. I had a great flow going to this one. I may come back and try to do a video later).
  4. Blood Brothers– The Salesman Denver Max

I was able to pick up a few very subtle, new tricks so that was great. I also noticed that from years of dropping the hoop while hooping on my legs, I’ve developed a sort of Native American based hoop dance technique of kicking the hoop up after it slides all the way down my knees. It’s actually becoming part of my style and I’m getting to the point where I can really play around with manipulating the hoop when I feel it slip.

All and all,  a good first go!

Little Red’s Big Bad Ball


Party Flyer

On Friday, February 22, 2013, I performed at Little Red’s Big Bad Ball at The Louisville Palace Theater. I was really excited when I got the offer for the show because The Palace is a historic  venue in Louisville known for it’s preserved classic movie house look.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous venue and many famous artists have performed there. A quick run down of what was to be expected at the show.

Red’s Big Bad Ball:
A wicked rock-n-roll fairy tale come to life at Louisville’s Palace Theater: Please join us in swingin’ style as your naughtiest Little Red Ridding Hood and Big Bad Wolf!
18+, Music, Full Bar, Swing Dancing, and a fantasy makeup booth…
*Vice Tricks
*Trophy Wives
*Woodrow (Woodrow on the Radio WFPK 91.9FM)
*Athena Prychodko’s ‘Make it Up’ special FX and fantasy makeup

Costumes encouraged: contest at 11 pm with prizes – Oh My!

18 and over, Free swing dance lesson at 8:30. $10.00 at the door.
So when my hair dresser messaged me on Facebook (the best way to book me. Look for D’arcy Decadence!) and told me that her friend and organizer of the event, Verity, was looking for “talented performers”, I contacted Verity of the band Vice Tricks and a mean bass slapper. Verity  was nothing but welcoming and helpful with everything I needed in order to do my act. She even offered to stage kitten for me if I couldn’t find someone. I knew instantly that I was working with people who run a tight show and those are the best kinds of people to work with.

As for my act, I got stumped on it for a minute. Of course, because it was Red Riding Hood themed, I thought it would be cute and sexy to be Little Red Riding Hood and have a wolf chase me around. But I thought it would be kind of silly to run around with my hoops. True, it would have been fun to fight the wolf, but I wanted to take a different angle and decided that I would start out as Granny and strip down to the wolf. I thought that would make a lot more sense for a striptease and be a lot more amusing than Little Red trying to avoid molestation by stripping off her clothes and running away into the woods.  I decided to use the song, “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce and ended up creating one of the best concept acts I’ve created yet. The story was very there and very in place. I like telling a story with striptease to make it more about art than about looking at my body and “transforming” acts are always the best because it gives you a reason for getting naked. There’s a sort of death and rebirth feel to it, like you’ve “become” something or someone else and I think this idea really reinforces the whole meaning of burlesque.

FYI, the music video for this song is very funny but it’s VERY inappropriate, not professional and not work friendly (although, this blog certainly isn’t  work friendly either… but I’m trying!) so please find it on your own time if you’re interested in watching it (trust me, you’ll laugh). I  decided to use the radio edit because 3 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a number. If you go past 3 minutes, you start losing your audience. They get bored and start fidgeting, their eyes glaze over, and no matter how awesome you think the song is in its entirety, most audience members can’t stay engaged for that long. The only exception, IMO, comes with go go dancing to DJ sets that is more about keeping the audience moving and the dancers or the background, or Opera and ballet, that tell very elaborate stories with movement and music.

The costume I put together was also really funny. I love faux fur like the tacky, eccentric that I am so putting the wolf part of the outfit was together was pretty easy. I embellished a tail and some ears I bought, threw on a nightie, a robe and a hat along with a creepy mask and I was ready to play the wolf that played grandma. Now I needed a Little Red to be my stage kitten. I ended up roping in my fellow Mavens of Mischief member, Foxy Freija 9 and the act was set.

I do have to give it to the organizers and to Palace Theater, they treated Foxy Freija 9 and I very well. We were allowed to come early and check out the venue, rehearse a little (although we really talked it through more than anything else), had access to the luxurious, spacious VIP lounge and had more than enough space we needed to change and store our stuff. The staff of The Palace was very friendly and helpful as well as Variety and her band. I enjoyed working with everyone involved. The event itself was fun too. It was fun seeing so many interpretations of the three main characters in Little Red Riding Hood– Little Red, the Huntsman and the Wolf. I liked watching the swing dancers whirl around the room with big smiles on their faces as they danced to the live bands, who I also enjoyed. All and all, it was a very nice event and I was very proud to have been asked to perform at it. big bad wolf

My act itself was on main stage right before Vice Tricks. I had told them that I wanted to perform at the smaller stage but there ended up being only one stage and it worked out better that way. My act really got the crowd moving and  I loved watching the mixed reactions of the crowd as the story unfolded.  I surprised a lot of people with the whole piece and the mischievous side of me loves the looks on peoples faces who aren’t familiar with burlesque, hooping or burlesque hula hooping. The younger people in the crowd were dancing and singing along. There were older people in the crowd who looked shocked but were smiling as they picked their jaws up off the floor. There were lots of smiling faces and lots of dancing feet. I was also really happy Foxy Freija came with me. She wore a very cute costume she made and gathered up all my clothes after the act so I didn’t have to worry about who was going to bring them back to me.

The act got rave reviews so I hope I’ll be invited back to The Palace to perform again.

Yea for good, clean fun with happy people. I couldn’t have asked for a better night 🙂


Spiral Out Blog

Heart Hoop

Hello everyone! It’s my first blog entry! It was actually supposed to read February 26, 2013 for the date but I edited an old post so it’s still listed as April 14, 2012 ::scratches head:: as you can see, I’ve been sitting on this blog and doing nothing with itfor a while but with offers again after being off the international stage for a while so I think it’s an exciting time to start blogging about my work.

Last night was the Mavens of Mischief monthly vintage burlesque show at Meat Bar. The Mavens are a really special group of ladies because they don’t bring the drama or try to upstage each other.We are dedicated to vintage burlesque, which means that we only use any music or costumes from the 1950s or earlier. I’ve found my nitch in 1930s music. I love dirty thirties jazz and big band like Cab Calloway. It’s been an interesting journey learning about vintage burlesque because when I first joined the troupe, I had no clue about the music or costumes but thanks to the mentoring of our troupe leader, Marvis Lee Mae and all the other girls, I got the hang of it and learned a little about music, costume and burlesque history along the way.

We’re a sisterhood dedicated to being sexy but classy and Meat Bar is the right venue for that. It’s listed as #39 on the Top 50 Bars in the world list. The bar has a speakeasy feel to it with a red light being the only marker that the bar is there. When you’re inside, you’re taken back to the 1920s with the dim lights, wooden floors and brick walls. The bar also has a Slaughterhouse motif, as weird as that sound,s because it’s located in Butchertown and there’s a slaughterhouse right down the street from where Meat is located. There’s hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling of the bar which creeps me out sometimes but I love the bar as a whole because it’s a place where you can put on a classy burlesque act and have it appreciated by the patrons of the bar. It’s difficult to find venues that are open to what we do that are classy in Louisville, KY because when it comes down to it, Louisville is a very conservative town.

I’m excited because one of our fans, Nolan of Flow Photography, taped our show for us so I’m excited to see how the videos turned out. I did 2 numbers– one was a cupid number to the song “Everybody Loves my Baby” by the Boswell Sisters (1934). I recently got a heart hoop from my favorite hoop maker and promo photographer, Sarah Beth of Bellawillow Hoops and Photography, and I spent all day Saturday throwing it around and trying to learn how to use it. In this act I played a cute little cupid. I wasn’t sure how the heart hoop would go over but my boyfriend, who is my ears in the crowd and gives me feedback on what he hears people say about my acts, told me that people loved it. I even had a couple of audience members come up to me and tell me that they loved the act and that they heart hoop was so cute and looked like fun to play with. That made me feel good.

The next act I did was a Betty Boop/Cab Calloway tribute. In the process of researching thrities music, I learned that Cab Calloway (he’s my favorite vintage musician right now, btw. I adore his work) did a lot of work with the Betty Boop team musically and he even did the voices for numerous Betty Boop characters, usually the crazy bad guys that molested poor Betty. lol. I decided to do the song “Minnie the Moocher” and use the Betty Boop cartoon as a projection in the background. I’ve always wanted to play with a projector for a performance and our DJ, Matt Anthony, a local record shop owner and public raido DJ, helped me out with the projector.

The owner of meat liked the projector idea because Matt was playing Betty Paige movies on the wall before the show. I hope he keeps bringing the projector to the shows because I liked that too. Anyway, I spent a long time editing the cartoon for my performance and I also had a costume that looked like Betty Boop so I was really happy becasue when I was a little girl, I thought loved Betty Boop so this was a secret cosplay opportunity for me. lol. I was disappointed that the audio from the cartoon wouldn’t play (guess I didn’t realize that you can’t play sound out of a projector hooked up to a CD player. Duur) but Marvis had backup audio and although the version was different, it still went over well. Marvis told me she heard some people in the audience say, “Wow, that cartoon is really creepy but what she’s doing was so cool!”

As far as the other ladies’ acts went, everyone did a fantastic job as always. The acts that I got to see (I was in the dressing room for a good part of the show) were quality and entertaining as always. We’re a strong group of performers because we support each other and everyone has their own style and mood they bring to the show. It’s always a good time.

So if you live in Louisville, KY or you happen to find yourself in Louisville on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, come on down to meet and see us! ^-^